About Us

‘Love Style Fashion’ has a new vision!

We have always aspired to be a trusted go-to fashion advisor, bringing fashion to your home, that is both on trend and affordable. Before our recent relaunch we were a site that successfully operated for almost 3 years, and compiled of an array of fabulous Australian designer brands. After careful consideration we opted to stop the business, life got in the way and it's always been a passion, somewhat a hobby of mine on top of everything else I do, so I promised to say goodbye... and then 2020 happened! The bushfires in Australia, the virus... I am sitting here thinking how can I continue supporting the people I did before? How can I help keep others dreams alive amongst the chaos? So instead of closing my site, I decided it was a perfect time to reimagine, and relaunch.

This website is now dedicated to the amazing creatives we have in Australia; there are many women behind these creations. They are strong, talented and entrepreneurial women that are creating opportunity for their families, and driving extra income streams, while doing something they love!

Brands we now feature include;




If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us on Facebook messenger, Instagram or under the Contact us section of the website.