Scrunchies Are Back!

I remember growing up and watching all these sitcoms and scrunchies were everywhere! Then they kinda just, faded away. Until recently, they've been making a splash all over the world and frankly, I'm not mad about it.
The opposite really, I stocked up with so many different handmade ones, I've got one in every colour to match any outfit.

The important things you know.

As Carrie Bradshaw once squealed "No woman … would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!"
Sorry Carrie, times have changed.
They're back. And more fab than ever.

Most of us pull our hair back at least a few times a day especially living in a hot and humid place like Singapore. Whether it's for a workout or you just simply want your locks pulled back, we'll grab an elastic and done. Only to remove the ponytail later to reveal...... the crease. The dreaded crease. Not to mention, elastics aren't the prettiest or most fashion forward.

Scrunchies however come in such great fabric like satin or silk which aren't just pretty but also have benefits towards hair health!

The fact that they are so soft and gentle on your hair will eliminate the dreaded crease but also they keep your hair soft and moisturise because they soak up less oils. This is especially crucial if you have brittle, damaged or fine hair. 
We'll say it loud and proud. We're 100% on board the scrunchies trend.